Cover of Vibration elimination using viscodamper technology
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Year: 2020
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Pipe vibrations frequently occur in nuclear power plants and plant vibration experts spend a lot of time analysing the causes and implementing different mitigation methods. Viscous dampers have proven to be an interesting solution in many cases, compared to conventional dampers, to address pipe vibrations in nuclear power plants.

CKTI-Vibroseism is a research and development engineering company specialized in anti-seismic design and vibrational safety in Nuclear and Conventional power plants with long experience in designing and implementing high viscosity dampers. In this report senior experts Dr. Frank Barutzki, Dr. Victor Kostarev, Dr. Dmitrii Pavlov, and Irina Evzikova have summarized operational experience from using viscous dampers in vibration mitigation in nuclear-, conventional power- and chemical plants. The study has been carried out within Energiforsk’s research programme Vibrations in Nuclear Applications. The stakeholders of the program are Vattenfall, Uniper, Fortum, TVO, Skellefteå Kraft and Karlstads Energi.

These are the results and conclusions of a project, which is part of a research programme run by Energiforsk. The authors are responsible for the reports content.