Обложка Программа МАГАТЭ по оценке влияния ближних землетрясений на безопасность зданий и сооружений АЭС: исходные данные и основные подходы.
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№: 16
Библиотека: Conference Papers
Год: 2005
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Co-ordinated Research Program (CRP) of the International Atomic energy Agency for Safety Significance of Near Field Earthquakes (NFE) was launched due to well-known technical finding that the usual engineering practices in seismic design of Nuclear Facilities result in a poor estimate of safety implications of near field earthquakes. This is clearly illustrated by experimental results (CAMUS experiment) that were used in the frame of this CRP in order to conduct a benchmark on the damaging capacities of near field versus far field seismic inputs on a typical shear wall structure.