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Year: 2001
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This report contains the methodology of dynamic analysis of reactor building of NPP “Kudankulam” (India).

    Besides the Russian Codes and Standards concerning with the design and analysis for Nuclear Power Plants following Codes were used:
  • ASCE STANDARD, ASCE-4-86. Seismic Analysis of Safety Related Nuclear Structures and Commentary on Standard for Seismic Analysis of Safety Related Nuclear Structures. Approved September 1986.
  • Damping Value for Seismic Design of Nuclear Power Plants. Regulatory Guide 1.61.
  • Standard Review Plan 3.7.2 Seismic System Analysis, NUREG-0800 Rev. 2, August 1989.
  • Safety Seies No. 50-SG-D15. Seismic Design and Qualification for Nuclear Power

Plants. A Safety Guide, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1992.

The dynamic analisys of the reactor building was carried out by finite element method. Finite element software “SOLVIA-99.0” of Swedish Company “SOLVIA Engineering AB” has been used for finite element modeling and analysis. Also the powerful finite element pre- and postprocessor software "Femap" of American Company SDRC was involved in the creating and careful checking of the finite element models.

This report contains general description of reactor building model of NPP “Kudankulam” (India), modeling of some equipment units and soil-structure interaction.

The report contains the general results of dynamic analysis of reactor building such as envelopes of response floor spectra under seismic excitation, airplane crash and air shock wave.